Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rat and Insect Eating Plant Pictures

Scientists have discovered a flesh-eating plant so big that it can swallow and devour a whole rat! This new species is called Nepenthes attenboroughii, it has been named after British nature expert Sir David Attenborugh.
This plant, which is a member of the ‘pitcher’ family can grow more than 4-foot long. That’s actually one of the biggest carnivorous plants discovered yet.
Those plants produce big ‘pitchers’ which are filled with water and they also secrete nectar that attracts insects and rodents. Once those poor creatures fall in, they cannot escape and end up drowning, and then, the acids and enzymes do their job.
Generally, only the bones of the prey remain
Not all the carnivorous plants eat rodents; in fact, the majority is more insectivorous than carnivorous and eats mainly insects. Actually, there are few species that are big enough to eat unlucky rodents, frogs or even birds…
So, as we are talking about carnivorous plants, let’s see some other carnivorous plants.

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